New Neovox corporate website

and most importantly, up-to-date information for our employees and clients are the key principles that we have put into this project. The mobile version of the site is adapted for any screen resolution and opens on all possible devices. One highlight of the new site is the use of only real photographs of the company's employees, thanks to which site visitors can get to know Neovox in person.

Tatiana Kaplanova, Deputy General Director said, "The launch of the new Neovox website was carried out within the framework of the rebranding, which began last year. The site is designed for two target audiences: potential and current clients, as well as resent and future company employees. We hope that the information posted on the new site will be interesting to, and useful for all categories of users.

Neovox (ex. 2019 Newcontact) is one of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia, one of the TOP-10 market leaders. There are 8 contact centers in the Russian Federation, the Company employs more than 3,000 people. Neovox provides a wide range of services for processing calls in voice and non-voice communication channels, acts as a partner in the largest Russian and foreign companies in customer service. Our customers are government organizations, leading banks, insurance companies, online stores, and logistics companies. Since August 2019, the Company has been operating under the Neovox brand.