Neovox Sponsored Customer Contacts Week 2019

October 28 - October 31, 2019, the X Week of Contact Centers was held at the Holiday Inn Moscow at Sokolniki, traditionally sponsored by Neovox.

Various company representatives took an active part in the program of events. 
The Neovox Deputy General Director, Ms. Tatyana Kaplanova gave a presentation titled “The development and implementation of standards for a contact center production personnel”. Also Ms. Dayana Klimova, the Head of the Special Projects Service held a master class on the topic “Managing CSAT/CDSAT indicators at contact centers”, the Head of the Training Department, Ms. Galina Kadykova made a presentation at the conference titled “The Way of the Supervisor. Career prospects at a contact center."

Ms. Kaplanova Tatyana, the Deputy General Director of Neovox said, “The Company's participation in the Contact Centers Week, one of the largest industry events, is due, among other things, to the desire to declare itself as a company working since this year under the new Neovox brand and to inform the market about various changes taking place. 
Presentations of the speakers of the company were dedicated to such topics as standardization of all areas of the Company’s activities, performance management, staff development and career prospects, which were relevant to all the market participants. This was noticeable in the responses of those who attended the presentations by the company's experts. We are pleased to share our best practices with our market colleagues.”