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Customer experience and COVID-19 – how “remote work” has changed business

On October 6-7, 2021, the XVIII Customer Experience Forum was held in Moscow at the Holiday Inn Sokolniki Hotel, bringing together representatives of well-known companies and brands to discuss tools for creating better contact and emotional connection with the customer. Neovox Contact Center sponsored the event.

The coronavirus pandemic that has taken over the world has forced companies to rethink their business management models. In particular, many began to actively develop remote customer service. However, not everyone was ready for change. Therefore, for the quality management of customer service, outsourcing companies with already accumulated experience in building remote customer service began to come to the rescue. During the pandemic, when many businesses were closed, not being ready for such force majeure, Neovox, on the contrary, managed to expand the scale of its activities and began to actively use remote work in its own business processes and successfully helped to establish a remote service for its customers. Neovox shared its vision of customer experience development in the report: "Customer Needs: How to manage both b2b and b2c".

According to experts, now the world has changed forever. Moreover, if earlier many preferred a personal visit to calls and chats, today we are actually seeing the opposite trend - everything is solved with just one call or a few simple operations on the screen of a smartphone or PC. Today the point is not so much in technological modern solutions, but in the fact that from an additional auxiliary function, remote client service for many companies acquires a key role that directly affects the business and builds a reputation. At the same time, the study of customer experience becomes one of the most important marketing functions.

Polina Kudelina, Director of Customer Experience at Neovox, noted in her report: “We feel social responsibility for ourselves and try to do everything necessary so that people can solve their problems remotely. Our customers are the largest companies in various industries. The feature of our work is to be deeply integrated into the customer's business processes related to servicing their customers, to understand the needs of the end users of their services and to satisfy them as efficiently as possible. Communicating directly with the end consumer of services, receiving information through the "voice of the client" in the recordings of conversations, reviews on the Internet, we offer our customers the best solutions for effective interaction with their customers. By constantly working to improve the quality of service to our customers, we strengthen relationships with our customers, making them truly partnerships.”

The event also included a thematic coffee break, where experts discussed the pressing problem of the involvement of related departments that affect customer experience. They also touched upon such issues as overcoming the resistance of top managers and why improving the customer experience of the company is a common task for the entire company, and not for individual departments.