Company Birthday

On September 27, Neovox, which is one of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia (formerly Newcontact) celebrated nine years since its establishment. Various festive events were held at all venues of the Company, with an entertainment program, congratulatory speeches and granting of rewards to the employees.

The Company has been growing and developing dynamically in the market since 2010. 
The first production site of Newcontact (TM before rebranding) was opened in Smolensk and its capacity totaled 25 places. Today Neovox is in the TOP-10 of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia. On the territory of the Russian Federation there are six contact centers operating 24/7/365, with the number of staff of more than 3,000 people. 
In August 2019, the Company rebranded and changed its name to Neovox.

Ms. Grigory Darchiev, the Neovox CEO said, “This year can be considered extremely successful for our company. We moved to a qualitatively new level of development, built a large business, rebranded and launched new interesting projects and services. We are actively building production sites in new cities and we are introducing our own high-tech products using such up-to-date methods as chats, speech analytics, and bots. By our estimation, Neovox is one of the market leaders in introducing these products.

Our plans for the future are also quite impressive. In the near future, we will launch a new motivation system, which will allow us, on the one hand, to optimize the Company's resources, and on the other hand, to increase productivity and employee job satisfaction, as well as increase their income. Projects with new large clients are ready for launch, which will allow us not only to maintain the highest growth rates, but also to increase our expertise.

I am proud of the results we have achieved. 
All our victories and internal transformations would not have been possible without our employees, who are a team of enthusiastic professionals working together for a common cause.”