NewContact rebrands and changes its name to Neovox

One of the largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia, NewContact is changing its brand name, its brand visual system and its positioning concept. Since August 2019, NewContact has begun to operate under the Neovox brand.

The Contact Center of NewContact was established in 2010. The Company is in the TOP-10 largest outsourcing contact centers in Russia and has offices in five cities with the number of employees of more than 3,000 people. This is the first full rebranding of NewContact in nine years since our establishment, which reflects a qualitatively new level and strategic prospects for the development of the Company.

The new Neovox company name (Latin “new voice/ sound/word”) symbolizes a new stage of development, the "new sound" of the Company in the market of outsourcing contact centers, while maintaining the continuity of the previous name in its modern form.

Mr. Grigory Darchiev, the CEO of Newcontact said, “In recent years, the Company has undergone a number of internal changes aimed at improving the work on project and resource management.  The business has grown, and gained expertise in organizing complex, large-scale projects related to servicing and supporting consumers in various industries.  The new image reflects a completely different scale of business, an expert position in the market and a focus on efficiency, while remaining flexible and dynamic in our performance.  "We continue to develop, and are able to quickly rebuild, when necessary, to achieve a better result."

The new logo and the main emblem of the visual platform represent an intersection of sound waves. The main corporate colors are red and blue for B2B communications, and purple and turquoise for HR communications.

Ms. Tatyana Kaplanova, the Deputy General Director said, “The new style emphasizes the key principle of the Company in solving business problems which is a partnership approach.  We work hand- in-hand with customers, become part of their business and strive to maintain their values and image in the eyes of their consumers.

Customer service has always been at the heart of our business.  People are the main value and foundation of a business.  Our Company is a team of enthusiastic professionals working on a big important business nationwide.  Our employees truly love communication and know how to help our customers throughout Russia to solve their everyday tasks.  And the new corporate identity helps to emphasize cohesion, teamwork and professionalism. ”

The transition to the new brand will be carried out in stages.  By the end of the year, we plan to replace branded elements at our sites, manufacture new souvenir products, and inform the market, the customers, and the partners about the rebranding.  A full transfer of the IT-infrastructure, including email addresses, and the corporate information systems, will be completed in the first half of 2020.